Tap Into What Teams Know

Tap Into What Teams Know

Building in a weekly “Team Check-in” and quarterly “Company Review” as part of your human resource management strategy will give you:

  • A quick  “team temperature read” to alert you to operational and HR issues that negatively affect employees;
  • Access to what your customers are saying to your frontline staff in addition to digital customer feedback; and
  • A better understanding what may be frustrating employees, and preventing peak performance
  • Insights into how to attract and keep valuable team members longer.

There are 2 ways for your employees to access the Team Check-ins” and “Company Reviews”:

The easiest way is to give them access on their phones as part of the team app.  If you choose not to enable the Team app, you can copy and paste the “Team Check-in” and “Review” links in an email outreach. You can find those links  in 2 places:

  • VIEW icon on the bottom left of the Team Checkin or Company review setup page.
  • LINKS icon at the bottom of the Main Navigation menu under the TEAM links menu

Setup your Team Check-in

Go to Setup > Team Engage > Team Check-in

Opening Page

You have a chose to either make the employee who filled in a Team Checkin anonymous, or visible, to the team lead.  In both cases, the review will be available to an HR manager, but not to a location manager.   To make Team Check-ins anonymous, check on the box under “Opening Page”.

You can personalize your Team Check-In by changing the defaults “Team Check-In Title” and “Message”:

  • “Talk to Us” as a title, and
  • “We really want to hear from you” as the message.

Team Open Text Questions

Next, you can change the default text questions.

  • Any customer requests or issues?
  • Any team requests or issues?
  • Anything frustrating we could help with?
  • Any successes you’d like share?

Team Multiple Choice Questions

On the third page, you can use the multiple-choice questions to poll your team members about how to make the workplace great. We suggest that you choose the Likert scale and rotate the question every week.  For example, “We support you in your professional goals”.

The default Likert responses are:

  • Strongly Agree
  • Agree
  • Undecided
  • Disagree
  • Strongly Disagree

Meeting Invitation

On the fourth page, is an opportunity to ask if your team member would like to meet privately. The default meeting invitation title and message are:

  • Want to meet with your manager?
  • Request a meeting

Closing Page

The fifth and final page, has a “Closing Title” and “Closing message” and Image. The default is:

  • Thanks for your feedback
  • We’re going to use it to make this an even better place to work?

Team Privacy and Terms of Use

Be transparent with your team members around how their feedback will be used. Let them know how you will use their feedback and who will see it.

Some examples of privacy messages and terms are:

  • Privacy – “All information shared in this software is private and will not be shared with other team members without your permission.”
  • Terms of Use – “Your ratings will be shared as part aggregate team profile.”

Setup your Company Review

Go to Setup > Team Engage > Company Review

The company review gives you periodic quantitate feedback vs. qualitative feedback.  It is intended to  measure employee brand affinity and get quantitative operational feedback on a quarterly basis. With this, you can see how key trends that are integral to the culture of your company are changing over time.


Now  you have regular communications with your frontline teams and so you can see trends in both in the customer and team experience.  Let’s look at how you can share customer feedback for your teams to “raise the bar” on your customers’ experience.

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