Share and Acknowledge Ideas

Share and Acknowledge Ideas

Sharing customer feedback directly with frontline teams will empower them and raise accountability for delivering consistently amazing customer experiences. As you start to connect teams and encourage collaborative problem solving at all levels in your company, you will see:

  • More motivation and accountability for the customer experience excellence, in customer facing team members
  • A stronger, more customer centric culture where “customer happiness” becomes the primary measure of success
  • Opportunities for professional development and mentorship in unit managers and frontline workers
  • Employees that feel valued, are more “brand loyal” and help you recruit valuable staff when needed.

To see what your team members will see on their Team App, go to the Customer Feedback menu option.

Share Customer Feedback with Teams

Customer Feedback is organized by Location, District or Region with a summary bar showing the average rating and the number of customers that gave either a rating with or without comments.  Employee will only have access to feedback relating to locations they are work for.

Team members will be able to see the overall rating status, how their team score compares to other locations, and last period. They will be able to see individual ratings and comments.

Only managers will be able to click through to the view the customer scorecard to see the time stamp, contact the customers, or flag an action related to the comment.

Although team members cannot directly action feedback, they can be encouraged to start conversations on the Team Post Board around how to solve problems and “raise the bar” on the customer experience.


Encourage New Ideas and Collaboration

Frontline teams are a “gold mine” of customer information.  They are hearing about all the products and services customers love, what you are doing right, and everything they wish you were offering or were doing better.

Customer feedback is a gift, and so are your teams views on what they think we can do better.  Harvest the wealth of knowledge by encouraging team members to share their ideas.  Give them a creative venue and a way to make a positive impact on your company.  As employees start to exercise their voice and get acknowledged for their ideas, their ownership of their impact on your company will grow.

You’ll see a stronger more collaborative company community emerge. Be sure and acknowledge their input, whether you agree with their ideas or not.  Incorporate the most promising ideas into operations and acknowledge contributors to stimulate a desire to contribute.

Don’t worry if you don’t get engagement right away.  As thought leaders start to be acknowledged, others will start to feel safe in sharing their thoughts.


Share Good News

Everyone wants an opportunity to part of something bigger than themselves, a community, a higher purpose, a contribution to making the world a better place.  The management feed is incredibly valuable for sharing good news, shouting out successes and keeping employees aware of positive impacts your company is making in the community and the world.

Keep teams feeling good about being part of your company community. Start conversations about how they would like your company to make the world a better place to be.


This session looked at 3 ways to engage team members by sharing and acknowledging ideas:

  1. Share customer feedback with teams
  2. Encourage and acknowledge their ideas on how to improve the workplace
  3. Communicate good news and successes.

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