Setup Your Team App

Setup Your Team App

The team app is powerful way to engage team members in improving your customers’ experience and increasing their personal productivity.  Find out what your frontline teams know about your customers and get their insights into what customers want. Find out what’s frustrating and may be preventing performance excellence.  You’ll be surprised what you learn!

Increasing communication with your teams typically increases engagement by 23% increase. This can lead to a productivity increase of up to 86%.

Your Drive CX team engagement app makes it easy to:

  • Alert managers to poor customer and team experiences
  • Easily check schedules and access external learning systems, logs and other team resources
  • Share customer feedback with teams on the frontlines
  • Start conversations on how to improve both the customer and team experience
  • Check the “team pulse” checks, after every shift, or every week
  • Share management news and foster team collaboration
  • Benchmark team and individual performance and reward successes.
  • Create robust employee profiles with sentiment, engagement and performance data.

To setup your team engagement app go to Setup > Company > Team Engage.

Select your Team Engagement App Options

The first section on the Team Engage setup page has 3 options:

Share Customer Feedback with Teams – this option gives all team members access to the customer comment page for their location.

Note: only managers will be able to click through to the customer scorecard to see the date stamp, customer name, contact info and flag actions on comments.  Non-management team members can see what customers are saying and start conversations about how to solve problems on the frontlines that are impacting the customers experience.  And, how to do more of what customers love!

Enable Customer Feedback by Employee – this option allows individual employees to see what their customers are saying and how they are impacting their experience.  Typically, this would not be enabled until employees were positively engaged with customer feedback at the team level.

Enable Team Rewards – this option enables team targets and rewards for attaining them. This would typically be enabled after employees fully embraced receiving the opportunity to impact customer feedback, and are feeling empowered to make change.

Setup your Team Engagement App External Links

The second section is where you can setup access to external Team Links.  We recommend you add the following 4 links as a minimum:

  • Scheduling
  • Staff Policies
  • Daily logs and task lists
  • Learning systems

Underneath that is “Other Links” table, where you can continue to add links. This is where you may want to build community bye sharing the company vision/values/mission page,  code of conduct, community initiatives, carbon footprint tracking, etc.

Brand your Team App

Next, upload an image for your opening page.  Something that is fun and invites communication in a light-hearted way.

Setup Employees on your Team App

Now that your team app options have been selected, and external links setup, you are ready to invite team members to use the app. Go to the Employee Profiles page.  Here you will see a list of all employees who have requested access to the team app under the heading “Access Pending”, and all employees who have been approved for access, under the section “Access Approved”.

There are 2 ways to invite a new employees to the Team App:

Send Employee a signup link – Click on the SHOW INVITE LINK button, and copy that into an email you send to an employee.  In this case the employee will setup their own user name and password and receive a message “Your access is pending approval”.  You will see their name appear in the “Access Pending” section or the employee listing page.  Simply click on the green plus icon to “Approve”, to move them into the “Access Approved” section.

Create a New Employee Record – Click on the ADD EMPLOYEE button and add the Employee Details, including a temporary password they can change on login.   This is also where you can assign the employee a position, location and set their notifications.  If you click on “WHAT DATA CAN USERS SEE?” button, you will see what access is associated with each Employee Position.  Every team member who is approved for the Team App will receive a Weekly Customer Report. Click “Save Changes” to add the new employee to the “Approved” section.  Then copy and send the link to the team app, along with their password.

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