Rating Based Customer Responses

Rating Based Customer Responses

Most businesses only have time to respond to customers that are unhappy.  Managers are focused on resolving issues before customers get on social media.  This is important, however, it usually means they are giving their attention to 1-2% of their customers who may never come back.   They wind up ignoring the 20% of their loyal customers that generate 80% of their business.  And, they miss the opportunity to turn the other 78-79% of their customers into to loyal fans.

Thank every customer that gives feedback

Drive CX will help you respond to all feedback, in real-time. Send a “Thank You” message by email or text, based on the rating your customers give you.  You have the option to include a thank you gift or incentive to return.

There are some “best practices” default responses that are created when you setup your account. To change them, go to Setup > Customer Connect > Comment Card Setup > Responses.

The first thing you will see under “Identification” is the “From Email Name” field.  You can enter the name you want to show when you send email responses to feedback.

Under Contact Page Setup, you’ll find the “Send response after comment card” box checked to enable automated responses.  If you don’t want to thank customers for feedback, you can de-select that.  If you want to include a “thank you gift” or incentive to return, you can enter what you would like to see on your Contact Info Request page – Title and more information about how you will use that information.  For more information about adding feedback rewards or incentives, go to the next tutorial, Turn Your Comment Cards to Cash.

Invite customers to share good reviews on their favourite social media sites with a personalized message included in your response. Enter up to two messages in the text fields “Post On Social Media Sites Line 1” (eg, Thanks for a great review!) and “Post On Social Media Sites Line 2” (Please share your comments with your friends on social sites).

Underneath that, you’ll find the default email and text messages for each rating 1-5.  You can change the tone of these messages to match your “brand personality”.   The text message field is limited to 108 characters.  Be sure to keep the message matched to the rating.

Get 20x to 50X return on your comment cards. 


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