Learn More About Drive CX

Learn More About Drive CX

Welcome to Drive CX!

Drive CX is a digital engagement platform that connects you with your customers and teams in real-time.  Use insights to personalize experiences, build fanatical loyalty and drive above industry average profits.

With DriveCX, you’ll learn what your customers and employees love about you, and, wish you would change.  Act on feedback to solve problems as they happen. Communicate and collaborate with teams to “raise the bar” on both customer and workplace experiences.   Send personalized offers that optimize marketing returns.  Benchmark team performance to improve employee productivity, and keep high performing team members longer.

Here’s your Drive CX login page.   Your user name is your email.  Here’s how to reset your password?

What is the Drive CX digital engagement engine?

This learning session will give you a quick orientation to how you can realize your ROR (Return on Relationships).  DriveCX has 4 modules that together create a real-time feedback and action loop to optimize sales and profits.  We call that the “digital engagement engine”.

Customer Connect will help you:

  • Get customer feedback at point of payment or pickup
  • Solve problems as they happen
  • Thank customers with “come back” offers
  • Build marketing lists with loyalty signup

Team Engage will help you:

  • Find out what your customers are saying to your employees
  • Get team insights into how to improve operations
  • Alert managers to problems prioritize actions with time tracking
  • Engage teams in success and keep valuable team members longer

Marketing Pro will help you:

  • Profile and segment customers  by sentiment, visit behaviour and purchases
  • Know your most valuable customers and how to get them in more often
  • Send personalized marketing offers in realtime and for monthly promotions
  • Measure returns on your marketing spend

Management Coach will help you:

  • Get all your team performance data in one place
  • Benchmark location and employee performance
  • Recommend actions to improve productivity
  • Reward individuals and teams for meeting targets

Hover over the icons to the left of the Home page to expand the main navigation bar, Home, Customers, Teams, Promotions, Sales, and Links.  Click on the icons on the top right to access Setup, Help and LogOut icons.

Setup – enter details about your company, locations, and managers.  Customize your comment card, loyalty signup, kiosks and WiFi landing pages.  Customize your team check-in and reviews.  Setup your POS, marketing and other integrations.

Help – send an email request for support to our customer success team at support@drivecx.com.

Logoutreturn to the login screen.

Reporting Filters

Floating in the top right corner of each overview you’ll find the reporting filters. Filter by date range, and/or location. The default date range for reporting is 3 months from the current date.  Click on the date range or location box to reveal filter options.

Notifications On/Off

Underneath the icons, you’ll see an ON/OFF icon.  This is used to temporarily disable text and email alerts for poor customer and employee reviews, actions to complete, and meeting requests that are setup in the employee profile.

Tool Tips

Throughout the setup screens and dashboards, you will see orange hats. Click on these to reveal  management tips and more details about setup, charts and functions.

Home Dashboards

Home is where you land when you first log in to Drive CX.  It provides a snapshot view of sales, customer, team and marketing performance relative to prior periods.  The top bar shows you how many customers have joined your loyalty programs, their average spend, visits, and value.  Clicking on “SEE ENGAGEMENT DETAILS”  will show your  customer engagement with comment cards, loyalty signup, marketing offers and social sites.  You can also see how engaged your employees are in sharing their thoughts with managers and other team members.

The “Home” menu has five tabs across the top.

  • Management Overview – a snapshot customers, teams, sales and marketing.
  • 911s – alerts and actions to improve the customer experience and team performance.
  • Performance Comparisons – performance benchmarks by servers and location managers
  • Financial Reports – view Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly reports on financial metrics.
  • Team Posts -share management news and team ideas to improve the customer experience.

Dashboards by Management Area

There are four management areas, “Customers”, “Employees”, “Promotions”, and “Sales“.  Each management area contains four dashboards accessed with the tabs at the top of the page.

  • Overview – shows a comparative period to period snapshot (Where are we now?)
  • Trends – shows comparative trend line graphs (Where are we going?)
  • Scorecards – reviews and data tables (How did we get there?)
  • Profiles – consist of individual profiles that make up the aggregate view.

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