Increase Return Visits with Offers

Increase Return Visits with Offers

Once you have your customers’ attention – make it count.  The comment card is an opportunity to get insights into what would bring your customers in more often. Including a reward for customer feedback is not only a great way to get more customers to share their thoughts, it’s also a powerful incentive to choose you over your competitors more often.

Let’s do the math.  Let’s say your average spend per person is $35.00, and your average # of customers per table is 2.  The reward is a free appetizer next time your guest comes in with a minimum of $40.00.  The appy sells for $8.00 and costs $2.00. The customer comes with a friend to claim their “free appy”.  They end up spending $70.00. With let’s say a 75% gross food margin – that’s $63.75.  Assuming that 50% of guests might have come in anyway, let’s deduct the lost revenue for 2 appies.  That’s still $47.75 additional sales and an ROI of 23 X on the food cost of $4.00.

Rewards for Feedback

Reward offers are one-time incentives for a customer to return sooner, and come in more often then they normally would . To add a reward offer to your comment card, go to Setup > Customer Connect > Comment Card Setup > Rewards.

Check the box next to “Use Comment Card Rewards” to enable rewards.  Your reward offer page immediately follows“Customer Happiness Rating” page. Unless you are collecting feedback on a payment device.  In that case, it follows the completion of payment transaction.

The default “Comment Card Button Text” reads “Tell Us More”.  You can change that.  Clicking on this button brings the customer to the first page of the comment card.

The default reward is a gift card with minimum purchase of $50 and no expiry date.   You can select another offer type of reward from a drop-down menu:

  • Enter to Win.
  • Gift Card.
  • Product Offer.

Rewards are one time offers that can have terms and conditions.  Create a headline and a description for the reward.   Include any expiry date for gift cards or product offers, or contest draw dates.  Include a POS promo code to track redemption.  Be sure and include any Legal Disclaimers like “Not Valid with Other Offers”, “With minimum purchase of $50.00”, or, “Must be 18 years or older”.

Try different types of rewards to see what your customers respond to best.

Enter a reward confirmation message that will appear once a customer takes you up on your reward offer and provides contact details. An example of a Reward confirmation would be “We’ve sent you a link to confirm your contest entry. Good luck!”, or, “You’ll be receiving a $5.00 gift card soon”.

Simultaneously, once the reward message is displayed, a response email or text will automatically be sent to the customer.

Don’t forget to save your changes.

Congratulations, your customers now get rewards, and you get more feedback. Win win.


If you have selected “Contest” as a “Reward type”, entrants will be recorded. Go to Setup > Customer Connect and click the “Contest” tab.

Be sure to pick a winner for each draw date. Flag a staff member or manager to randomly pick a number in the date range associated with the draw period. Consider contacting the customer to see if you can publish their name on social media as “This Month’s Winner”.

The name of the game is turning new customers into loyal customers.

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