Complete Your Company Setup

Complete Your Company Setup

Now that you know how to get around in Drive CX, let’s finish setting up your company.

Add More Company Info

On the first tab of Setup > Company, you will see the “Administration Contact Info” and “Head Office Address” you entered when you setup your Drive CX account.  Here is where you can make changes to that if you need to.

Following that is “Other Information to help you get setup”.  This is where you provide more company information that allows us to provide feedback on how you are doing compared to similar companies in your industry sector.  It also provides a starting point for “Average Check” and “Average Annual Sales” to use as a benchmark.

Next, upload a “Favicon Logo”, a small version of your company logo used on as a phone icon for your customer and team mobile applications and in your text and email communications.

In “Action Management”, set your expectations for how quickly you expect your teams to complete their 911 actions.

Finally, in “Financial Information” enter the start of your fiscal period and week.  You can also add your targets for % growth, discounts, gross product margins and labor margins.

The start of the fiscal period and week will be used for reporting. The % targets will be used for performance alerts in your team coach.

Add Other Links

Click the second tab in Company Setup called, “Links“.   Here is where you enter your social media links which will display in your website comment card, email and text communications.

Under “Other Links” you can create one place to login to all of your other software from your console dashboards and on your phone through the team app.   Make it easy for managers and team members to have a single source to get to training sessions, scheduling software, and staff policies, etc.

Add Locations

In Setup > Locations, you can add locations by clicking the orange “Add Locations” button in the top right corner.  You can view a location performance by selecting a Location in reporting filters.   You can setup location specific information, targets and icons.  You can also setup custom comments with colors, images, and offers unique to each location.

Compare each locations’ performance to average location performance, using our performance comparison dashboards.  Managers can be alerted to locations that are underperforming, so they can focus their management attention where it is most needed.

If you don’t want to enter fill out the information for each location right now, you can simply leave the Location fields blank.  Any field without information will default to the information entered on the Company setup page.

To toggle back and forth between Company Settings and Location specific settings, click “Use Company Settings” box under the Add Locations button.

Add Managers

Add managers for each location with contact information so they can be alerted to poor customer or team experiences.

Go to Setup > Managers and click the orange button “Add Manager”. Enter each managers’ name, phone #, email, position, and which locations they manage.

Enter a temporary password for each manager than can be changed by the manager when they login.

You are done!  Let’s GO TO THE NEXT TUTORIAL

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