Change Your Questions

Change Your Questions


If customers are abandoning your comment card you may have too many questions. It’s a balance between getting information you want and providing a quick and engaging comment card experience or your customers. We recommend rotating questions to gather everything you need to know and keep your survey short.

The Customer Reviews, comment card dashboard will show you the abandonment % rate. As a guideline, most companies choose to keep their abandonment rate between 2 and 10%.

To show, hide, add or edit questions in your customer comment card, Go to Setup > Customer Connect > Comment Card Setup > Questions.

At the top of the tab you’ll find three check-boxes. “Ask customer for server name?” Will add the question “Who served you today?” as the first question in the survey. Use this if you are not capturing server number at point of sale on the server setup screen.

“Go to Server Setup for every new comment card” will prompt the server to enter their Server, Table, and Bill # and amount before every new comment card.

The Server Setup screen, allows you track feedback and spend by customer, server and sales items. If this option is not selected, the rating screen will be displayed to start a new comment card.

To go to the rating screen from any page in the comment card, tap “Restart Survey”. To access the “Server Setup Screen” from any page in the comment card, tap on the “Server Setup” link in the footer of the comment card.

When a customer submits a rating between 1 and 3, this information will be sent via SMS text message to managers. The text will include the Table #, Server #, Bill # and Amount Paid. The manager can tap on this link to sign into the team app to see the comment card. Within the comment card, the manager can tap on the Bill # to see the bill, if the Point of Sale system is connected.

“Complete Comment Card on payment device”. Check this option if you are delivering your survey on a payment device.

When checked, the customer will be prompted to answer questions on the device. When left-unchecked, the customer will be texted a link to complete a comment card on their phone.

By default, some questions are hidden. You can choose to show or hide sections of questions or expand a section with additional questions. Click the   icon to hide and the   icon to show questions or sections.

There are 6 sections that can be hidden or shown.

User Defined Text – This is a great opportunity to ask something like “What would bring you in more often”, or, “Do you have any suggestions for us”.

Dine Out or Shop Frequency – use this to measure your share of your customers spend. See if you can “move the needle” on how often your customers choose you.

NPS (Net Promoter Score) – this question is a measure of brand affinity, and correlates closely to growth. Customers are divided into 3 categories, based on their rating.

The NPS is calculated by subtracting the % of detractors from the % of promoters. This score is typically compared to industry standards.

Scores of 9 & 10 are called Promoters, they are considered active promoters of your business having a positive impact on growth.

Scores of 7-8 are called Passives, they are considered indifferent and not impacting growth either positively or negatively.

Scores of 0-6 are called Detractors, they are talking about your business in a negative way and suppressing growth.

Marketing Intelligence Questions – use this section to get a better understanding of how your customers are finding you and why they choose you.

User Defined Multiple Choice – use this to find out if your staff are staying with operational standards, like, “Did you server tell you about the specials”.

Product, Service and Ambiance – Use this to identify where you need to focus your management attention. You can ask one question per category, or, you can ask 3 questions within each category. For example, “What did you think of our Food?” Or, “What did you think of our Taste, Presentation, Value?”

Click the box under or marketing or product, service or ambiance ratings to add an additional question. For example, under food you can ask “What else would you like to see on our menu?” or, “under product, What else would you like us to carry?”.

Edit the default text in the user defined and free-form fields throughout, to reflect your brand voice.

When you edit a question, you will be asked if you are changing the intent of the question. If you answer YES, it will show up as a new dashboards. If you answer no, it will continue to report answers in the same chart.

As you edit the user defined fields a check box will appear. Check this option if you are changing the wording, but not the meaning or intent of the question. This will leave the data reporting unchanged.

Something to consider, if you change intent of the predefined questions you won’t be able to see how you compare to your competitors and the question may not match the report category heading. If left unchecked, data entered here by customers who complete the survey will be reported as new questions.

In most cases, it’s best to leave the “Required” box unchecked to make a response optional. However, the option is there is your choose to make an answer to a question mandatory so the customer must input text before moving on with the comment card.

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