Build Brand Equity with Loyalty Signup

Build Brand Equity with Loyalty Signup

Public customer acquisition companies, like Open Table, have the formula.  Build customer lists and build brand equity.  The trouble is that Open Table charges for new customers that come in the door, and then sends them away by advertising “other restaurants to try”.   The up side – they provide valuable new customers.  The downside is that they control the customer relationships and are building their brand, not yours.

Once customers come in your door, use your comment card as an opportunity to sign them up to your private customer communities.  Then you can start to influence their behaviours with personalized marketing offers that build loyalty.   In an age of business acquisitions, your list of loyal customers is a direct measure of your brand equity.

Loyalty (VIP) Signup

Sign your customers up to your loyalty programs and keep them for life.

Loyalty programs build brand loyalty with permission based, marketing communications that keep your business top of mind.  Regular outreach, with content and offers that your customers value, keep customers choosing your business over the competition more often.  It is an opportunity to increase the frequency of visit and average spend, which translates into measurable increases in customer’s lifetime value.

To invite your customers to join your community, go to Setup > Customer Connect > Comment Card Setup > VIP Signup.

Uncheck the box that suppresses the loyalty signup page.  The “Loyalty Signup Request Button” appears on the thank you page following the Rewards Contact Information screen.  The default button name is “Join Us”.  You can change that.  Clicking the button brings the button customers through to the loyalty sign-up page.

Here they can opt-in to receiving “Loyalty perks” by email or text.  The “Loyalty Signup Cancel Button” default is set to “No Thanks”.  You can customize that to read something like, “Not today”.  It allows customers to opt-out, once on the sign-up page.

The “Loyalty Signup Title” appears at the top of the loyalty sign-up page and the “Loyalty Signup Message” prompts the customer to enter their contact information. Customers can choose to receive offers by email or text but you can choose to disable the text option.

You can also choose to display a “Request Gender” option by checking the box.

Upon signing up, your customers will receive confirmation by email or text, as selected. Customize this email by editing the fields at the bottom of the page under “Loyalty Signup Response”.

The email title is both the subject line of the email and header of the page. The email response is the body of the email.

The text response is sent via SMS if the customer has opted to receive offers by text.

You can ask for Birthday and Anniversary information to send special offers. Leave either field blank to hide them.

The birthday message is displayed by default but if you’d rather not display it, delete the text in the field and save your changes.

Upload an image to display on your signup page that is no wider than 700px and is about 250px high.

As long as “Loyalty signup” is enabled customers can share the your loyalty program with friends and receive reward offers.

Set this up on the “Rewards” page. Navigate back to the main Comment Card setup page save and hit back from the loyalty page or go to Setup > Customer Connect > Comment Card Setup > Rewards.

With permission to communicate the doors for more insights are opened. As you get to know your customers, use their feedback to personalize marketing offers and influence buying habits.

Add a share button by entering a button name, a short accompanying message, social media buttons, a “Loyalty Signup” button, email and text response.

When your customers “opt-in” to your Loyalty programs, it’s important to be transparent with your privacy policies and terms of use.

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