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In-Store CX


How do brick and mortar retailers effectively compete with on-line giants?  By building personal connections and a level of service that customers can’t get online.

Find that perfect balance between attentiveness and personal space so that customers feel supported, but not pressured when they shop in person.   With Drive CX it’s easy to get the customer perspective on whether you have “nailed” product selection, customer service and in-store ambience.  Ask them what keeps them coming back for more and what else you can do.

We help retailers understand the relationship between sales and CX . Make guest feedback an integral part of their shopping experience in a non-intrusive way.  Use customer profiles to enhance the customer experience and optimize marketing initiatives.   Manage the customer lifetime value –  increase the frequency of visit and average customer spend.

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E-Commerce CX


Today’s online shoppers are forming relationships with retailers through their experience of e-commerce sites.  Drive CX helps online retailers understand how the e-commerce experience is impacting their brand. Make it easy for your guests to communicate what they want and share their e-commerce experience with you.

In a world that is constantly “raising the bar” on the online user experience, how do you compare?  Is your buyer finding what they need?  Is the buying experience easy and intuitive?  How about post sales support – delivery and returns?

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