Digital Engagement Profitability Engine

1. Engage Customers

Delight happy customers. Turn unhappy customers into enthusiasts. 

  • Proactively ask customers for feedback
  • Alert managers to poor experiences in real-time.
  • Solve problems before customers leave.
  • Thank customers with “come back soon” offers.
  • Grow customer lists and build loyal relationships.
  • class=”li2″>Increase customer loyalty and customer retention.

2. Engage Teams

Engage your employees and transform operations. 

  • Find out what stops teams from delivering with excellence.
  • Flag actions to run smoother operations.
  • Acknowledge, praise, retain, and maintain good employees.
  • Manage team productivity profiles.
  • Improve employee retention.

3. Increase Customer Value (CLTV) 

Turbo charge your Marketing ROI.

  • Connect customer sentiment, sales, social and marketing data
  • Automatically manage customer contacts and permissions
  • Segment customers based on demographics and purchase behaviours
  • Connect sales data to marketing automation
  • Increase visits and basket size with personalized offers
  • Grow customer lifetime value (CLTV) and brand equity
  • Marketing ROI by customer, store, campaign and channel.

4. Optimize Margins

Automate key processes, act on insights. 

  • Automate repetitive tasks to reduce administrative load
  • Provide digital coaching with KPI alerts, performance feedback and recommended actions
  • Improve personal productivity with dynamically prioritized action  boards
  • Realize software synergies with API integrations
  • Share insights across management silos from a central database