Grow customer lifetime value.
Attract and keep great people.

We help companies fully realize their "ROR" (return on relationships) by using customer and team insights to drive sales and profits.

Connect with and engage customers and teams on the frontlines. Stay ahead of rapidly changing trends. Solve problems before they impact your bottom line. Continually create amazing customer and employee experiences that build fanatical brand loyalty.

"87% of customer-facing employees sincerely want to create a superior experience for customers. 57% of employees do not believe their company is enabling them to do so in the most effective way" - Gartner

"Look after your employees and they will look after your customers" - Richard Branson

Drive CX - Total Experience Management (TXM)

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Drive CX named by Gartner as thought leader in January 2021 CX report.

Our job?

Empower teams to create amazing customer experiences with real-time insights on the frontlines.

Your job?

Watch your sales and profits grow.

 “A 5% increase in customer retention can result in up to a 75% increase in profits (Bain & Co).

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What is TXM – Total Experience Management?

Total Experience Management (TXM) is a management system for gathering insights from customers, employees, marketing and sales. Then, turning insights into actions that build brand fanatical loyalty to drive sales and profits.

TXM helps companies bridge the gap between insights and extraordinary consumer and workplace experiences.

Often, when sales start to go down, companies increase marketing budgets without understanding if operational issues may be impacting the brand.  The best marketing campaigns, without happy customers and teams ultimately fail.

The power of a TXM platform, is the ability to measure the impact of both operations and marketing activities on customer and team satisfaction, brand loyalty, sales and profits.

It will  make it easy to stay in touch with  customers and frontline teams to resolve  operational issues as they happen. It can help companies delight their customers with personalized communications and offers.

It will also help managers understand what it takes to attract and keep great people that deliver exceptional brand experiences.

An effective TXM system will help:

  • Establish trust to get honest feedback from both customers and employees
  • Measure customer satisfaction and brand consistency at every touchpoint
  • Create a work environment that attracts and keeps great people.
  • Understand “friction points” in your operations and how to stay ahead of changing consumer and workforce trends
  • Empower and inspire frontline workers to create amazing customers experiences.
  • Facilitate agile, adaptive operations with real-time performance alerts and productivity tools that focus actions.

The result will be measurable increases in both customer life-time value and team productivity.

CX and engagement management

Get customer sentiment, communication, marketing engagement and sales data into one customer profile.

Request feedback at point of payment or pickup.  Receive alerts and flag actions on poor reviews to solve problems before they impact the bottom line.

Manage internal and external social reviews from one dashboard.  Promote good reviews.  Send “come back offers” and grow loyalty enrolment with “one-click” opt-in. 

Understand how to deliver a more consistent brand experience that drives loyalty.   

EX and engagement management

Get sentiment, communication, engagement and performance data into one employee profile.

Make it easy for employees to access HR applications from a mobile team app.

Tune into your team with “pulse checks” and E-NPS.  Share ideas on how to improve both the customer and team experiences.  Understand how to get and keep great team members.

Marketing ROI management

Segment customers based on their value, demographics and purchase behaviours.  Send targeted, personalized in-store offers that predictably increase visit frequency and basket size.

Know who your most valuable customers are.  Get lapsed customers back.  Cross promote retail products based on customer purchase preferences.

Measure your marketing engagement and returns by campaign  customer, location, product and channel.  Understand what marketing campaigns move the needle on customer lifetime value.

Advanced Analytics, AI, and Team Coaching

Spend less time analyzing data and more time acting on insights. 

Optimize team productivity with performance feedback, prioritized personal action boards and digital coaching. 

Deliver insights and recommended actions based on KPI accountabilities by role.



How to drive profits with digital engagement?


1. Engage Customers
Get and respond to customers feedback with  “come back” offers. Promote good reviews. Build loyalty marketing enrolment
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2. Engage Teams
Get feedback from frontline teams. Resolve problems in real-time. Share ideas on how to improve operations. Know how to attract and keep great staff.
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4. Optimize Performance
AI and analytics generating KPI alerts, performance feedback, prioritized action boards, and digital coaching.
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3. Increase Customer Value (CLTV)
Send personalized marketing offers that increase visits, spend and brand loyalty. Optimize marketing ROI.
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