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Notify customers when orders are ready, get valuable feedback, curbside pickup options.

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Real-time, Customer Experience Management

 “A 5% increase in customer retention can result in up to a 75% increase in profits (Bain & Co).

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Build Customer Loyalty

Delight happy customers. Turn unhappy customers into enthusiasts. 

  • Proactively ask customers for feedback
  • Alert managers to poor experiences in real-time.
  • Share good reviews on social sites.
  • Solve problems before customers leave.
  • Thank customers with “come back soon” offers.
  • Grow customer lists and build loyal relationships.

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Improve Team Performance

Engage your employees and reduce labor costs. 

  • Find out what stops teams from delivering with excellence.
  • Flag actions to run smoother operations.
  • Acknowledge, reward, and retain good employees.
  • Benchmark and manage team productivity.

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Increase Return on Marketing Investments

Get customers coming back more often. 

  • Monitor your social media listening on one dashboard. 
  • Send personalized marketing offers.
  • Track promotion engagement by channel.
  • Increase customer return visits.

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Experience Management?

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“For the first time, I know what our guests are saying about us in real time.”

“This software really works and delivers great data to make decisions with every day! Each platform of this management suite has been thoroughly thought through with a restaurateur driving the development. They have it figured out!” Kelly Gordon, CEO, Romer’s Burger Bar

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